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Business Valuations For Business Owners


Delivering More Than Just The ‘Valuation Number’

Business Valuations

For both Informal (internal strategic planning) and Formal (ATO and Legal Compliance) valuation needs, InteleK delivers robust and defendable valuations. Most importantly transparently guiding you through the process and transferring the valuation knowledge of your business to you. 

Business Valuation Advisory

Situations arise where your business’ value is at the core, (e.g. shareholder disputes, equity buy in/out, exit planning) and you’re unfamiliar with how the rest of the process should be, needing expert advice, objective opinions and guidance to ensure the best outcome is achieved, looking after the value of your business and the stakeholders involved.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us


Business valuation is a specialist skill, very different from normal accounting.


An unfamiliar and potential lengthy service means process and guidance is key.


Giving clients understanding on what, why and how much transparently for peace of mind.


Leaving clients with a better understanding of where the value is in their business.

how we help

Valuations for Partnered Firms

Reliable & Professional

Partnership Structures

InteleK gives you first peace of mind by removing your potential risk of dependence. Not only this but often for managing the perceptions of your client, situations that have no legal independence issues, but can raise eyebrows a little, ensure high professionalism to your clients by completely removing any involvement. 

Most importantly a referral relationship needs to be reliable and professional, knowing your clients are in good hands. Additionally, where appropriate, structuring referral fees so the partnership motivations are aligned and benefits flow both ways is key to InteleK’s partnerships success.

White Label products are great for when you need to maintain branding and communication with your clients. InteleK designs white label valuation services so you can achieve this, from specific valuation components to the entire valuation and report production.

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Why Our Partners Choose Us


Not to be undervalued, deliver your clients a professional service

Risk Minimisation

Either for independence issues or lack of valuation know-how.


Have a valuation option, not to lose their primary revenue service to another firm.


Having a quality valuation service accessible frees you to focus on what you do best.

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