We Don’t Just Provide Business Valuations, We Develop Strategic Partnerships

Our partnerships are mutually beneficial, strategically aligning the needs of your firm so your clients receive the right valuation, professionally, reliably and consistently, giving you the confidence to partner with InteleK.

Design the right partnership program for you, built on delivering the best valuation services to your clients.

Ask about our pilot programs.

Getting Started

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Enjoy having a professional and mutually beneficial partnership, with clear objectives and deliverables, be that maintaining independence, quality control and or margin improvement.


Executing The Partnership

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If you have sporadic valuation needs for your clients or are developing a consistent pipeline of valuations, InteleK creates sustainable partnerships that most importantly provide a partner you can trust and rely on.


Long Lasting Relationships

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The Benefits Of Partnering With InteleK

improve performance in a business
Combined Value Proposition

We achieve more as a partnership than we do individually

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Connect With Your Clients

We provide the materials making it easy to educate your clients on valuation services, purposes, & benefits

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Lower Your Risk

Use the valuation advisory experts who always remain independent of your clients

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Protecting Your Clients

Maintain the relationship with your clients that you can't directly service, preventing them from going to your competition

reduce risk in a business
Bottom Line Profits

Utilising a professional resource as an extension of your firm, gaining referral fees direct to your bottom line

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Peace Of Mind

Knowing that InteleK looks after your clients like you do. Speak with us about our motivations and how we ensure that we are aligned

Our Valuation products

Valuation Products Fit For Your Partnership's Requirements

Regardless of your business valuation needs, InteleK has the right partnership structure for you

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Independent (3rd Party) Valuations

Independence is becoming more scrutinised across valuations for the ATO, litigation, family court, financing and transaction purposes.

Fiduciary Responsibility To Protect

Ensuring fairness, accuracy and proper oversight is key to your responsibility to protect yourself, your firm and your clients from a potential costly disservice or worse.

Recent Example

The company’s internal accountant performed its business valuation required for the purpose of a corporate restructure. Normally best prepared by third-party independent valuers, the ATO noted this and placed increased scrutiny on the valuation, costing the company time and money to defend it.

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Referral Valuations

When valuations are not your primary area of expertise or revenue stream, focus on what you do best, leaving your clients in safe hands with InteleK.

What Is Important?

We understand that referring clients to a third party is effectively an extension of your firm and your reputation. InteleK provides peace of mind in "doing right" by your clients at every turn, from communication, to quality of service and price.

Financial Benefits

Where legally and ethically possible (i.e. when independence is not an issue etc.), we can compensate referral partners with tailored referral fees, aligning the motivations of the partnership for success.

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What are “White Label Valuations” ?

Business valuations produced by a third party (InteleK) and issued by the retailing firm (InteleK’s client, e.g. your firm) to the end client, under the retailer’s branding.

White Label Benefits

Often our clients who are valuation experts will take advantage of our white label valuation partnership due to labour capacity constraints, while wanting to maintain their branding and/or client communication & relationships.

Pilot Program

Tailored pilot programs are anywhere between 3-5 valuation engagements, ensuring the logistics, communication, valuation deliverables and price are analysed and agreed to efficiently collaborate moving forward.

Flexible plans
InteleK’s Valuations

Other Valuation Elements

1. Valuation Reports: Compliant with the regulating standards APES 225 & IVS.
2. Summary Appraisals: Which are non-compliant and significantly shorter than a standard APES 225/IVS compliant valuation for purposes that don't need to be industry standard compliant.

We have access to and use the following reputable resources:

1. Private & Mainstreet Comparables: Bizcomps, ValuSource Market Comps (IBA) and PeerComps.

2. Public Comparables: TagniFi (which feeds from Capital IQ).

3. Industry Research: IBIS World industry research for mainstream industries and a range of quality sources for more niche or specific industries.

4. Economic Research: National Economic Reports and various investment bank research.

5. Cost of Equity: Duff & Phelps Cost of Capital Navigator.

Depending on the valuation purpose and product, InteleK maintains constant communication to deliver the valuation service in the most efficient time, whilst never to compromise on quality.

1. Summary Reports: an average of 5 business days from receiving all the information.

2. Detailed Reports: an average of 10-15 business days from receiving all the information.

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