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Business Valuations For Today AND Tomorrow

Business Valuations are an “opinion of value” so finding the right professional valuer is key, as they provide an opinion founded on trust. Business valuations cannot be perfectly calibrated in an automated software as an ‘accurate & useable’ valuation is the result of both of science (methods, processes & technology) and art (knowledge & experience).

InteleK embraces the two worlds to deliver the most robust and efficient service to its clients, adapting to the ever changing environment of businesses, their unique industries and how to value them. 

Our purpose

Transferring Business Valuation Knowledge to Business Owners

Most business owners don’t know the value of their business, let alone where the value comes from or how to influence/increase it, limiting both its operational potential and valuation.


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Andrew Mackson, CFA, ABV
co-founder & Partner
Cameron Braid, MBA
Co-Founder & Partner
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