Our Valuation Process Is Transparent And Effective

Business owners that care about their business’ future care about its value, and we love that. Business owners know their business better than anyone, and we unlock that information in a valuation context delivering insightful valuation knowledge that allows the business owner to achieve their valuation goals.

Your valuation purpose is the first key step for us. We make sure you get what you pay for under our dynamic pricing model.


Getting Started

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InteleK shows you the process, stakeholder involvement, clear deliverables and timelines for achievement.


Executing Your Valuation

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Understanding why your business is valued what it is for future purposes such as ‘shareholder dispute’ or ‘corporate restructure’.


Transferring Knowledge

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InteleK’s Valuation Purposes to Service Your Valuation Needs

A successful valuation engagement starts with identifying the valuation purpose. This then dictates the valuation product, process and price of your business valuation.

Corporate Restructures

Moving your business to a new entity? Valuation requirements can include identification of:

  • Market value of the transfer price
  • Capital gains tax
Intangible Assets

Quantify the often large but 'hidden' value in your business and understand the risks associated with your key assets to increase their potential value. This can include:

  • Transfer pricing
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Patents
  • Copyright
  • Goodwill
  • Licenses
  • Trade secrets
  • Customer relationships
  • Trademarks
  • Brand
  • Know-how
Business Health Check

With knowledge and proactive steps, caring for your business will help you achieve its potential through:

  • Regular business value check-ups
  • Business value deep dives, turning over every stone in the foundation of your business
Entry or Exit of Partner/Shareholders

These moments are often irregular and critical to achieving your desired outcome, heavily impacting your future and are often required in:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Shareholder buy-in/outs
  • Majority & minority equity interests
Financing Purposes

Accurate cash flow and balance sheet analysis is critical to achieving your financing goals. This is often a key part of:

  • Raising equity capital
  • Bank financing
  • Strategic planning
  • Sellers loan/note structuring
Business Expansion/Strategic Planning

A “Fair Market Value” of the strategic plans, what impact will these plans have on your business’ value, modelling its expected cash flows and a comprehensive analysis of the associated risks to these cash flows.

Support Buying & Selling A Business

Preparation is key to both buying and selling a business, nobody wants to buy a lemon business or leave money on the table when selling because they were under prepared. Key analysis includes:

  • Due diligence of cash flows
  • Identifying fair market value
  • Identifying strategic value and step by step guidance on exit planning, deal structure & negotiating.
Litigation Support

In uncertain and often difficult moments, experience and strong ethics are required. Make sure you have the right advisors working with you, not against you. InteleK delivers:

  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Formal valuation reviews
  • Economic damage assessments
  • Personal injury damages
  • Partner/shareholder dispute resolution
Our Valuation Products

Valuation Products Fit For Your Valuation Purpose

InteleK has developed 4 categories of business valuation products designed for the various valuation purposes, yet flexible to tailor the valuation to the individual business’s requirements.

financial reports business valuations

Summary Report

Increasing in the depth of analysis from the business valuation health check, a Summary Report can be used for informal and formal purposes and be written to industry valuation standards.


Valuation purposes that involve a review from a 3rd party, where a certain level of scrutiny is placed on it. Be professional, be prepared.

Average Engagement Time

2-4 weeks.

detailed financial report

Detailed Report

A Detailed Report is a formal valuation, written to industry standards and used for purposes as such. A Detailed Report is required for litigation purposes or tax purposes where a high degree of scrutiny is placed on the valuation.


InteleK delivers independent detailed reports that are accurate and defendable. This enables reliability and peace of mind in often tense and uncertain situations.

Average Engagement Time

3-6 weeks.

business health

Indicative Valuation

For business owners who are proactive, knowing that businesses are ever changing and evolving, needing to be constantly cared for and ‘checked’ that they’re healthy.

Concise reports

Built on robust, well established methodologies, customized for each engagement. Delivering a valuation range, and the information to understand why your business may fall at the top, bottom, or middle of this range.

Average engagement time

1-2 weeks.

financial advisory reports

Complexity Experts

Each business and hence valuation situation is unique, often providing additional complexities that require an expert to accurately identify the valuation landscape, where the increased risk lies and how to value the subject assets with an extremely high degree of defensibility. InteleK appraisers are these experts, ready for your complex valuation situation.

Complexity Examples

• Valuation purpose - i.e. partnership or marital disputes, ESOP, or estate planning
• Complex capital structures
• Complex financial instruments - i.e. options, warrants, preferrence shares
• Complex corporate structure - i.e. multiple entities, entity type, and entity size.
• Incomplete and unaudited financial statements not consistent with IFRS
• Application of discounts (control / marketability / keyman etc.)
• Coordination and review of specialized appraisals, i.e. realestate, intangibles, equipment.

Dynamic Pricing for Business Valuations

Client-Specific Pricing for a Custom, Client-Specific Valuation Report

If your business doesn’t require the services, you won’t pay for them with InteleK. We believe that pricing should be determined by your needs.

Nature of Services

In our experience, each client is unique.   As a result, we do not generate one size fits all reports based on one size fits all fixed fee pricing, as such an approach exposes clients to many significant risks in the future. As valuation and risk reduction experts, we carefully and holistically consider many aspects of each client’s situation such as a valuation purpose, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, litigation risk, nature of a business, quality of financial statements, complexity of capital structure, range and difficulty of applicable valuation methods and other issues. 

Educated Clients

We believe that an educated client is our best client.   Therefore, we are also happy to spend as much time as necessary educating our clients about our approach and results so that they can understand how sound valuation practices reflect the value of their business and reduce future compliance and litigation risks. 

Reducing your potential fees, penalties and damages.

Our extensive expertise and high level of attention to detail allow each client to receive the most relevant valuation report, which can also withstand a very high degree of outside scrutiny.   Such level of quality allows our clients to not only address their immediate needs but also materially reduce the risk of very expensive and high disruptive disputes and litigation.  

In our view, the best and most cost effective preventative measure to avoid material adverse impacts on your business is a quality valuation report.

Please contact one of our accredited appraisers for pricing details specific to your valuation needs.

Valuations Timeline

How Your Business Valuation Process Will Look

A business valuation of any value and quality is not completed over night, a well thought out process and depth of analysis is completed to get it right.

Step 1 – Initial Consult (1-3 Days)

Laying the foundations, identifying valuation purpose, process and pricing. InteleK then issues an engagement letter detailing the scope of the engagement.

Step 2 – Data Collection (1-7 Days)

The quality of the valuation outcome is based on the quality of the inputs, gathering the quantitative and qualitative information efficiently helps build an accurate valuation delivered on time. Including business financials, questionnaire, and supporting documentation.

Step 3 - Research and Education (1-Week)

InteleK starts its analysis by learning everything about your business and its industry from a valuation context. Including further questions to you, educating you through the process, and accessing our multitude of database and research house resources. 

Step 4 - Valuation Execution (3-5 Days)

Once we have the data and analysis completed we execute the valuation, putting the thousands of data points together to give you the most robust and accurate value of your business.

Step 5 - Report Finalisation (3-5 Days)

InteleK has drafted the valuation and report, and discusses with you the number, making sure all the input and assumptions are accurate.

Step 6 - Valuation Delivery

The preliminary valuation number and report has been approved by you and the final report is delivered. InteleK takes the time to ensure all components of the valuation are understood to your satisfaction, leaving you with greater knowledge and peace of mind.


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