Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is essentially the “statement of position” of the company. The regular review and analysis of the financial position of your company is important in keeping your business on the right track. Without the knowledge of the economic health and investment return of your company, it is much more difficult to make wise decisions. As a business […]

pebitda versus ebitda


When discussions of business valuations arise, the terms of EBITDA (or EBIT) and PEBITDA (or PEBIT) invariably become part of the discussion. But what do they mean? And when do you use one instead of the other? Or do they both simply arrive at the same conclusion when finding a valuation figure? If you’re interested in knowing […]

net working capital

Net Working Capital

Net working capital (NWC) are all those short-term financial resources that your company requires to be able to continue day-to-day operations efficiency (resources to fund or support your operation), thus avoiding delays or disruptions. NWC consists of various current assets such as inventory, accounts receivable, cash, and some current liabilities such as accounts payable. Importance of Net Working Capital […]

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