How to value equity

Valuing Equity

What is valuing equity? This post will take a small dive into the common ways to calculate the equity value of a Company, focusing on private businesses. Valuing Equity Definition To keep it simple, valuing equity is the ownership interest in a business after subtracting the financial obligations (e.g debt) / debtholder ownership. Company Value […]

business value drivers

Business Value Drivers

Technology Technology is an important tool that can improve a company’s performance and competitiveness. Some companies lack the resources to update technology and therefore find it difficult to keep up with the technological changes in their markets. On the other hand, other companies manage to keep pace and are aware of changes to their market […]

how to get a copyright


Copyright is a legal term that refers to the exclusive right that an individual or corporation has over original works of authorship. (meaning they can take legal action against someone who uses the copyrighted asset for commercial purposes). Types of copyrights: Between the most common copyrights we can find music, paintings, and books, but artistic […]

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