how to get a copyright


Copyright is a legal term that refers to the exclusive right that an individual or corporation has over original works of authorship. This means that they can take legal action against someone who uses the copyrighted asset for commercial purposes. Types of Copyrights Among the most common copyrights, such as music, paintings, and books, but artistic […]

discount for lack of control

Discount For Lack of Control

When performing a business valuation, several discounts should be considered that may need to be applied to a business’ value. Below, we will explain what a discount for lack of control means, as well as when an investor, appraiser, or other users of valuation information should be aware of it. DLOC Valuation  The DLOC is a discount […]

business fair market value

Business Fair Market Value

A business fair market value (FMV), or market value, is commonly used in business valuations and is defined by several public institutions or valuation associations as: “the price that would be negotiated in an open and unrestricted market between a knowledgeable, willing but not anxious buyer and a knowledgeable, willing but not anxious seller acting at arm’s length.” If […]

discount for lack of marketeability

Discount For Lack of Marketability

The term “discount for lack of marketability” is often referred to, but it isn’t always fully understood. Markets in which public and private equity stakes (i.e., companies) can be negotiated are not exactly the same; the trading conditions are substantially different, especially in terms of marketability (liquidity). This can and often does have a significant impact on […]