How Do I Value My Business?

How do I Value My Business?

How do I Value My Business? Within industry-accepted frameworks, there are three main valuation approaches, with each approach having various valuation methodologies within it. We’ll keep this article simple, while giving you the insight into how you can view your business in relation to the valuation process. For the most complete and robust valuation process, […]

Enterprise Value

This post will take a dive into the enterprise value concept—an important concept in private business valuations.  As its name suggests, enterprise value (EV) is the measure of a company’s total value. It includes all asset claims and ownership interests from both debt and equity holders, thus enabling an investor to compare companies with different […]


Market Approach

What Is the Market Approach Valuation?  The market approach valuation is one of the three approaches to value a business, along with the cost approach and income approach. In simpler terms, the market approach determines the value of a business based on the price of transfer or the value of comparable businesses (or even the same business). This valuation […]


Cost Approach

The cost approach values a business based on the net assets (total assets minus total liabilities) a business holds. The approach uses the economic principle that a buyer will pay no more for an asset than the cost to obtain the asset of equal characteristics, and can be referred to as the “cost to replace”. […]


Intangible Assets

Intangible assets are those that are not stored or accumulated in physical form. Like all assets, intangible ones can be owned, transferred, or licensed, and they have value. An intangible asset can be any intellectual property or brand — trademarks, copyrights, and patents are all classified as such. Intangible assets usually exist in opposition to tangible […]


Asset Sales

This post will take a dive into the concept of asset sales, an important concept in the domain of private business sales/transfers and their valuation. In an asset sale, a company sells some or all of its business assets to a buyer, but the company itself (as a legal entity) is not sold. Further, the buyer has the right […]