Valuation is not a number; it’s a tool to be used.

Understanding why valuation is important and how to influence or change your business’s value to your advantage will give you a competitive edge and help secure your business’s and personal future wealth.

All business owners undertake business activities every day that have consequences relating to its value. Some have a larger impact than others, some positive and some negative.

Our Valuation Road Map will identify the key areas impacting your business’s value, the performance, risk and exit options. We will help guide you to better decision making and a valuation you understand and can influence advantageously.

See Partner of the firm and accredited appraiser Andrew Mackson, CFA, ABV, walk you through step by step why valuation is important and key factors and considerations impacting your business’s value.

Valuation Road Map 
– Analysis of your valuation landscape.
– Identification of risks, internal and external.
– Immediate valuation purpose identification and most useful product match. 
– Identification of both short term and long term goals, be that exit planning, estate tax, dispute resolution, aquisition, sale, business value maximization, and how to best achieve the most advantageous outcome. 
– Education on all of the above considerations, why they are important and how to achieve them. 
– Valuation Road Map Report Delivery – Pathway creation of using valuation to achieve your goals.

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Price – $550

Phase Two: A formal valuation if and when appropriate – click here for our formal valuation products & services.Book

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